Navigating the intricacies of managing a Family Day Care Service demands more than just dedication—it requires innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance compliance, and foster communication. Common challenges such as manual administrative tasks, reporting discrepancies, and communication gaps can impede the success of even the most dedicated Family Day Care Services and Educators. Even further, these challenges can pose the risk of non-compliance and regulatory complications.

Recognising these challenges, we designed our comprehensive suite of software tailored specifically for the Family Day Care sector to make running FDC businesses easier for Services, Educators, Coordinators and even the Families who invest their trust in the Family Day Care sector.

The FDSee suite offers a robust set of features designed to address the unique needs of Family Day Care for both Services and Educators. From real-time communication, to centralised document management and automated compliance reminders, FDSee empowers Services and Educators to operate efficiently while maintaining compliance and meeting regulatory standards seamlessly.

White Gum Family Day Care: A Success Story

White Gum Family Day Care Service

White Gum Family Day Care stands as a testament to the transformative power of FDSee’s suite. From the outset, they recognised the value of FDSee’s offerings and embraced them wholeheartedly. Managing Director, Katie Waudby continues to be an FDSee advocate since day one of starting White Gum and we sat down with her to discuss how the FDSee suite of software continues to help her business every day.

“We signed up to all 3 softwares (FDSee, 12See & FDSeeCCS), and as soon as we did, we haven’t looked back.”

Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Compliance with FDSee:

FDSee has streamlined White Gum’s operations, saving them hours of administrative work each week. By automating processes and providing real-time visibility, FDSee has enabled Waudby and the team to focus on growing the White Gum business and improving the quality of support they provide to their Educators. As a result of this support, their Educators can focus on providing quality care to children instead of spending time on tedious administrative tasks. The efficiency gains have been evident across all aspects of their operations, from compliance management to resource allocation.

“[FDSee] Saves us hours and hours per week.”

For White Gum, FDSee serves as a single source of truth for all documentation and communication. Gone are the days of manual paperwork.

“All our documents, reports, logs.. instead of hunting through manual filing systems and getting confused about different versions, we know that the correct and final one is going to be in FDSee. This is a HUGE time saver.”

Reminders function in FDSee

FDSee Reminders Functionality

Alongside document management, the reminders function within FDSee means that forgetting certification expiry dates is a thing of the past. This allows both the Service and the Educator to stay on top of compliance regulations and ensure no assessment or certification gets missed.

“Both myself and the Educators love that everything is just automated. You set and forget. Once the Educator has completed a compliance document or assessment, they know that the system will remind them next time they need to re-do it.”

Another feature Waudby loves is that “home visits are completely customisable”. With FDSee, Services can create custom templates and choose questions and criteria to include in the visit report. “I take my iPad in so I can take photos right there and then and add them to the report – it’s so easy!” With everything in one place, compliance has never been easier with FDSee. We have designed the platform to be as comprehensive, but also as straightforward as possible so that when the time comes to present information to the regulatory authorities, it’s quick and easy.

Customisable Educator Home Visit

Customise your home visits with FDSee

“I can just go straight into the Educator’s profile and everything is there. Documents, visits, communications… [I’m able to] record emails, text messages, phone calls, 12See messages… And I can create my own folders and make sure everything is clean and tidy.”

Seamless Communication with 12See:

For White Gum, the integration between FDSee and 12See facilitates seamless communication between Educators and Services, eliminating communication gaps and ensuring critical conversations are recorded and easily retrievable. This enhanced communication not only improves collaboration but also strengthens relationships between them and their Educators.

“We have spent time with our Educators training them on 12See and they have all picked it up really quickly with no negative feedback. It’s easy to use, the Educators can log everything and communicate seamlessly.”

“We especially love the sleep check feature.”

Sleep Monitor Feature in 12See

Seamlessly record sleep checks with the 12See App

Sleep Check Monitor in FDSee

Easily check sleep checks within the FDSee Platform

The Sleep check feature within 12See allows Educators to accurately and safely log sleep checks. The information which can be recorded with just a couple clicks within the 12See app, is then fed automatically back to the FDSee platform, meaning this important regulatory information is easily accessible to Services and can be pulled into a report within seconds.

“It’s all there, we don’t have to communicate with the Educators. We can just get the report directly from FDSee and yep it’s done!”

Empowering Educators with FDSeeCCS:

For White Gum Family Day Care, FDSeeCCS is an integral tool for their Service business, but Waudby also believes the FDSeeCCS software provides Educators with unprecedented visibility and control over their Educator businesses, which other CCS software doesn’t provide.

“With more and more power being taken away from Educators by the regulatory bodies, FDSeeCCS allows [Educators] to see how much the parents owe, when they’re getting paid, how much the gap is… and all this allows them to have autonomy and ownership over their own business.”

FDSeeCCS Dashboard

FDSeeCCS Dashboard

Real-time parent account transaction list for educators

Educators can view a real-time list of parent transactions

With features such as real-time fee tracking and automated subsidy calculations, Educators can confidently manage their finances while focusing on providing quality care to children. For White Gum, having a total overview of each Educator with real-time updates is a crucial aspect of how they run their business.

“The integration with FDSee and 12See has made our job so much easier. I can log into FDSeeCCS and see who is in attendance, the enrolments, which staff are on and how that is going to translate into monetary value.”

“And from an Educator’s perspective, the layout and interface is so easy. They can see the kids they are looking after, upcoming transactions, any messages, it’s all there on the home screen.”

“Plus FDSeeCCS makes visitors so easy, for both Service coordinators and parents, with a QR code sign-in, it’s immediate and logged straight away.”

FDSeeCCS Sign in and out QR code

Home visits for both Parents and Services is easy with a QR code within FDSeeCCS

Waudby loves the lack of double handling with the FDCSeeCCS platform.

“The time saved from approving time sheets and attendance and back and forth is huge. We would save hours of double handling from previous processes, now with FDSeeCCS it’s so simple and quick.”

“What sets FDSeeCCS apart from the competitors, is the support FDSee provides… It’s unmatched!”

Seamless Integration and Scalability:

FDSee’s suite is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and scale with the growth of the Service. Whether managing a small Family Day Care Service or a large network of Educators, FDSee provides the flexibility and scalability needed to adapt to evolving needs. With customisable reporting tools and real-time records of safety audits, visit reports and historical communications with Educators, FDSee empowers Services to maintain the highest standards of care and support to their Educators, while also reducing the time spent on compliance-related tasks.

The success story of White Gum Family Day Care is a testament to the transformative impact of the FDSee suite on Family Day Care Services. By addressing common challenges and providing tailored solutions, FDSee empowers both Services and Educators to thrive in a demanding industry. With continued support and innovation, we are determined to continue to redefine the future of Family Day Care management, enabling Services and Educators to provide exceptional care to children and families in their communities. 

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