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FDSee is Australia’s premier online platform that provides your Family Day Care Service with all the operational tools you need to efficiently manage your Service, enhance your compliance, improve your quality, handle your payments (FDSeeCCS) and manage your Educators (12See).


For years many of you have been asking us, when are you going to do CCS? The answer was never – until we got together with Smart Central. In partnership with them we are now able to offer you, FDSeeCCS – not only an alternative to the current suppliers, but more affordable, with more features, flexibility, customisation and very responsive customer support for both Services and Educators.

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With a cloud based real-time system, that can be accessed from the office and out with your Educators, we provide the complete Family Day Care Service coordination solution, with significant benefits across the board. (It is not a financial system, but is integrated with FDSeeCCS, or can be used in parallel with systems like Harmony or Hubworks.)

Why are so many Award Winning Services using FDSee?

FDSee was recently called ‘a game changer’ for Australian Family Day Care Services, and its proving to be just that. We have all types of FDC services on board in every State and Territory Australia wide – encompassing Government, to Council, Community run to Private,  and from 7 Educators up to more than 300.

FDSee – proudly supporting the Family Day Care sector since 2013.


Service Managers



“We signed up to all 3 softwares (FDSee, 12See & FDSeeCCS), and as soon as we did, we haven’t looked back”
Kate Waudby – White Gum Family Day Care


What does Family Day Care need?

Think for a moment. We did.

FDSee was developed from the ground up specifically for Australian Family Day Care services. It has evolved to provide a true one-stop-shop, dedicated and completely tailored to Family Day Care. It provides tools to demonstrate embedded best practice and is proven in Services Exceeding NQS.

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All users, not just those in the office, have access to a common system, which is updated in real time. This coupled with the mapping feature and visit reminders, enables efficient scheduling of visits.

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Educator and staff Mandatory Requirements are constantly monitored and reminders generated. Information is readily available on request to Government, including Educator, Staff, Training and PD and COVID Vaccination Status Registers.

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Educator Notes and Documentation recorded in real time mean that all staff are aware of all relevant issues, information and circumstances. Bulk/Group email system for immediate and documented communication with Educators.

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Report structure and process helps to ensure consistency in visit reporting, in line with NQS and EYLF. Over 30 Educator Safety and Practice Audit checklists from Safe Sleep and Cot Checks to Transportation of Children in Care and much more.

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A real time calendar and dashboard means Managers have complete visibility of all visits as they occur, coupled with a range of reminders (staff and Educators), Educator Reports (by Service or cohort), visible overdue visits and Coordinator/Mentor efficiency.

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The system can be accessed and updated in real time anywhere. Most reports can be completed during visits with the Educator using an iPad/tablet. Pictures can be taken and added easily, and reports can be immediately sent to the Educator.

It Saves Money Too.

Users to date have indicated that efficiencies in the way they work with FDSee can save up to one day a week for a full time Coordinator.

Without factoring in the savings for Admin staff, Managers and resources, we estimate (based on award rates) this equates to more than
$1,700 per month in cost savings for a typical Service.

You could save more!

More Savings

Save Money for Family Day Care

White Gum Family Day Care Service

Read our discussion with White Gum Family Day Care Service to see how the suite of FDSee products have helped their business

 “It is unusual to research a piece and find feedback on the subject company is overwhelmingly positive, so credit must go to the FDSee team for building something of such value to the sector. .”Jason Roberts - Editor @ The Sector

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