What is FDSee?

FDSee is a software solution that provides your Family Day Care Service with all the tools you need to efficiently manage your business, and most importantly save you time and money.

With a cloud based system, that can be accessed from the office and out with your Educators, we provide the complete Family Day Care coordination solution, with significant benefits across the board.


Visit planning is managed with a shared service calendar between Coordinators and Admin staff.
Reminders for visits, expiring certificates and other events or tasks.
Comprehensive Educator visit reports, with EYLF and NQS Quality Areas and Outcomes.
Once a report is saved it can be emailed to the Educator through the system, with any follow up actions notified.  If multiple Coordinators visit the same Educator they are always up to date with all information relevant to that Educator, including any outstanding Action items or Compliance issues.

Service Managers

A real time dashboard means Managers have complete visibility of all expiring certificates and reminders, overdue visits and Coordinator efficiency. 
Real cost savings based upon significant increases in efficiency, which can mean reduced Coordinator hours or increases in quality time spent with Educators. Also no copying, filing, sending or archiving of reports is required.
Total real time visibility of Coordinator activity, including the ability for geo-tracking for Coordinator safety and security.
Complete lifetime history of all interactions with each Educator, through individual notes and a dedicated document register.


Vacancies, Requests for Care and Wait-Listing can be maintained in real time, with all staff having immediate access for Parent or Educator enquires.
Certificates, training and legislative requirements are tracked and notifications given as they become due. Critical reports and notes can be sent from the system to other staff members.
Resources can now be easily managed and allocated to Educators, with reminders when they are due back.
Historical information is always immediately available.


What does Family Day Care need?

Think for a moment. We did.

FDSee was developed from the ground up specifically for Australian Family Day Care services. It is not a re-purposed long day care or generic system, it is dedicated and completely tailored to Family Day Care.

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All users have access to a common system, that is updated in real time. This coupled with the mapping feature and visit reminders, enables efficient scheduling of visits.

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Report structure and process helps to ensure consistency in visit reporting, in line with EYLF and NQS, and compliance issues, including ratios of children in care.

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Notes recorded in real time and associated with Educators mean that all staff are aware of all relevant issues, information and circumstances.

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Time saved can be reinvested to enhance quality by increasing frequency or duration of visits.

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A real time dashboard means Managers have complete visibility of all expiring certificates and reminders, overdue visits and Coordinator efficiency.

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Most reports can be completed during visits with the Educator using an iPad/tablet. Pictures can be taken and added easily, and everything is saved back to the office in real time.

Save Money.

Users to date have indicated that efficiencies in the way they work with FDSee can save up to one day a week for a full time Coordinator.

Without factoring in the savings for Admin staff, Managers and resources, we estimate (based on award rates) this equates to more than
$1,700 per month in cost savings for a typical Service.

You could save more!

More Savings

Save Money for Family Day Care

 “We knew when we started using FDSee that it would be a useful tool for our Family Day Care Service, but we didn’t expect it to become so invaluable. It is constantly open on every screen in the office, and is now a fundamental part of our daily routine, both in and out of the office.”Kids at Home Family Day Care

Would you like to try FDSee?

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