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FDSee, the specialist family day care (FDC) operations and compliance software platform, has confirmed it will partner with child care management software provider Smart Central to release a new branded and specialised child care subsidy (CCS) solution for FDC providers.

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce this new partnership with Smart Central,” Andy Rolfe, Founder and Managing Director of FDSee said.

“The unique requirements of the FDC sector, combined with our long standing commitment to ensure that all schemes and coordinators have great tools and features at their disposal to enable them to be the best that they can, puts us in a strong position to deliver this type of innovative solution.”

Partnering with Smart Central is an ideal option, Mr Rolfe continued, given its “impeccable credentials” when it comes to supporting the ECEC sector, along with “a 100 per cent alignment in values.”

Darryl Winder, Managing Director of Smart Central said “Our long held strategy has been to partner with best in class service providers and deliver high quality integrated solutions to the ECEC sector.”

“Through this new partnership with FDSee we have combined our collective expertise to develop a customised solution designed to give the FDC community exactly what they need to succeed.”

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Educator Safety and Practice Audits

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Have you heard about our new Educator Safety and Practice Audits?
In conjunction with some of the leading FDC Services in Australia we have released 30 checklists for Services covering a wide range of areas including;
  • Safe Sleep (including Cot and Environment)
  • Documentation and Programming
  • Evacuation Practice
  • Fencing
  • First Aid Kits
  • Hand Washing and Nappy Change
  • Transportation of Children
  • Water Safety
These add to the core offering of FDSee, embedding best practice into your Family Day Care Service, not just tacking things on.
Contact us today to find out more.
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Educator Safety and Practice Audits are coming

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With the renewed focus on Risk assessment and Management in mind FDSee, in conjunction with some of the leading FDC Services in Australia, has developed a range of over 30 new Educator Safety and Practice checklists for Coordinators and Service Staff.
More details to come soon. In the meantime check out this from the latest ECEC Connect Newsletter:
Approved providers and service personnel are responsible for ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of the children under their care. This means doing everything possible to protect children from harm and hazards at all times.
The majority of services are compliant with the National Quality Framework; however, the latest data shows there are some opportunities to improve how the sector manages risk, including:
• a greater understanding of how to identify, minimise and critically reflect on risks in the service environment when transporting children and during excursions
• increased oversight and ongoing support from approved providers in ensuring educators understand risk and how to manage risk effectively
• a renewed focus on ensuring that emergency and evacuation procedures are rehearsed every 3 months in recognition that this is an essential risk mitigation strategy
• additional efforts to ensure all staff are aware of risk minimisation plans for children with medical conditions and allergies.
It is an offence under regulation 100 of the National Regulations to fail to conduct a risk assessment before an excursion. Similarly, under regulation 102B, it is an offence to fail to conduct a risk assessment before a service transports a child. These are crucial activities that help prevent harm and hazards to children. Approved providers, nominated supervisors, and family day care educators are all responsible for ensuring these risk assessments are completed.
Most harms can be prevented by ensuring risks are properly identified, recorded, assessed, mitigated and continuously monitored. Part of this is having clear and comprehensive policies and procedures, but this alone is not sufficient.
Approved providers must proactively ensure that their staff understand what risk means and why it is important. They must always be vigilant to new risks and minimise the likelihood of harm to children. Even minor changes to the service environment can lead to major risks and activities such as transporting children and taking children on excursions are inherently risky and need particularly consideration.
Approved Providers and service leaders should consider the following reflective questions:
• How do we ensure that all staff can confidently identify and respond to risk?
• What strategies do we have in place to manage and identify risk?
• Are all staff trained to complete risk assessments adequately?
• What review mechanisms are in place for risk assessments or safety checklists?
• Are risk assessments service specific?

Record Keeping in Family Day Care

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Family Day Care Services : Did you know?

With FDSee you can send emails to Educators by Group, by Coordinator assignment or Service wide. Each message is then recorded in the Educator’s individual Communication Record – along with every other interaction you have with them in FDSee.
You can then create an Educator specific or Service wide Record of Communication Report, summarising all interactions with your Educators, including; Visit Reports, Safety Audits, Requests for Care, Notes, Practice Audits, Documentation Reminders and Service Emails.
This coupled with our one click generation of Educator Registers, Staff Registers and Vacancy Reports gives you the full picture for your Service.


Having good record keeping practices in place will help services to maintain ongoing compliance with the National Law and National Regulations and support delivery of high quality education and care for the children attending your service.
Approved providers and family day care educators are responsible for compliance with record keeping requirements in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law. However, other staff such as family day care co-ordinators and nominated supervisors are often responsible for overseeing record keeping practices in family day care services and for ensuring day-to-day
compliance with record keeping requirements. It is important that all staff maintain a high standard for record keeping.
Approved providers and family day care educators are responsible for ensuring that records are:
  • up-to-date and include all the information required
  • accurate
  • made available to authorised officers of a regulatory authority and parents on request
  • kept in a secure place and treated confidentially

Family Day Care Service Locked Down?


Did you know that FDSee users all over Australia have access to all their operational Educator and Service information, remotely, and in real time? But not just that, FDSee keeps a constant check on what you do, and more importantly what needs to be done. As one Service said “It’s like having another staff member working 24/7”.

Find out how FDSee can not just help you during lockdowns, but literally change the way you operate.

It’s the “future of Family Day Care”

Stay up-to-date

For the latest information on border restrictions, interstate hotspotscontact tracing, symptoms of COVID-19 and when to seek medical advice and prevention visit the  Australian Government website.

The Future of Family Day Care


The future of Family Day Care is here.

FDSee is the leading online system providing Family Day Care Services with the technology emcompassing all the operational tools needed to efficiently manage their Service, enhance compliance, improve quality, communicate with Educators, Families and much more.

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FDCA 2021 National Conference


Are you attending the FDCA 2021 National Conference this year?
FDSee are pleased to once again be a sponsor of the event, and we will be there to show FDC Services what FDSee does, along with all the changes we have made since the last conference 3 years ago!
If you are attending, come and talk to us or one of the many FDC Services attending who already use FDSee every day.
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