Requests for Care, Waitlists and Referrals

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How do you manage your Requests for Care? Do you have whiteboards? Multiple lists? Spreadheets? Paper? Do you wish you had a system to manage all of this for you, linked to your Educators and Families?

FDSee can do all of this for you. You simply enter the Requests for Care as they come in, assign your waitlisted or referred Educators and FDSee does the rest for you – sending emails to parents and Educators (and all these emails can be turned off and/or totally customised to fit your own process).

When a child is ‘Placed’ all the details in the system are updated, the child is assigned to the Educator and automatically removed from other Educator’s Waitlists.

FDSee RFC List

But we don’t stop there.

Do you get many Requests for Care from families via your website? If you do, and you are like most Family Day Care Services, you will get them in an email – then you have to add them to your wait lists, and/or refer them to your Educators.

With the optional link we provide you can get all your website Requests for Care straight into your FDSee RFC list. All you have to do is open the ‘Website entered’ requests, check the right information has been completed, maybe give the parent a call, and hit ‘Save’ – and you guessed it, FDSee does the rest.
FDSee Direct Web RFC

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