Requests for Care, Waitlists and Referrals

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How do you manage your Requests for Care? Do you have whiteboards? Multiple lists? Spreadheets? Paper? Do you wish you had a system to manage all of this for you, linked to your Educators and Families?

FDSee can do all of this for you. You simply enter the Requests for Care as they come in, assign your waitlisted or referred Educators and FDSee does the rest for you – sending emails to parents and Educators (and all these emails can be turned off and/or totally customised to fit your own process).

When a child is ‘Placed’ all the details in the system are updated, the child is assigned to the Educator and automatically removed from other Educator’s Waitlists.

FDSee RFC List

But we don’t stop there.

Do you get many Requests for Care from families via your website? If you do, and you are like most Family Day Care Services, you will get them in an email – then you have to add them to your wait lists, and/or refer them to your Educators.

With the optional link we provide you can get all your website Requests for Care straight into your FDSee RFC list. All you have to do is open the ‘Website entered’ requests, check the right information has been completed, maybe give the parent a call, and hit ‘Save’ – and you guessed it, FDSee does the rest.
FDSee Direct Web RFC

Contact us to find out more –  or you can sign up for a Free Trial today!

Visibility in Real Time

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Part of what we mean by Family Day Care Coordinated is the visibility FDSee gives you about what is going on in your Service.

At a glance you are able to see who is visiting who and when, if the visits are due or overdue (based on each Educator’s individual needs), and if visits have been completed (in real time).

FDSee has a standard colour code throughout; red meaning overdue, blue meaning due within 7 days and green meaning due in more than 7 days time. In the calendar, grey means the visit has been completed and a report finalised.

Search Family Day Care Vacancies


Did you know that with FDSee you can search all the Vacancies in your Service by suburb and distance a parent is willing to travel for care and results are instantaneous?

FDSee Vacancies

FDCA Conference 2015


FDSee was formally launched at the 2015 Family Day Care Australia Conference yesterday. Family Day Care services are now getting to see and sign up for this complete Service management system.

Conference attendees are also getting a huge bonus; every service that visits our booth and gives us their contact details and has liked our Facebook page can get a huge 50% discount for the first 6 months use of FDSee. Not only that, but one service will win our lucky draw and get 6 months totally free!

If you are attending the conference drop by and see us, or if you have colleagues here, make sure they know that FDSee can save up to 100 hours per month (or over $2,500)!

FDSee at Family Day Care Australia 2015 Conference

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We are pleased to announce FDSee will be a sponsor of the Family Day Care Australia 2015 Conference, and will also be exhibiting and demonstrating our software at the FDCA Trade Show.

Conference Program

A focus on Change, Challenge and Innovation:

The FDCA 2015 Triennial Conference is a unique opportunity for key stakeholders to examine the significant social and economic challenges faced by governments, service providers, families and communities in balancing the interrelated issues of accessibility, affordability, quality and flexibility.

The early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector remains firmly at the forefront of political policy debate and social commentary in Australia and the conference provides a platform for the sector to collaborate and forge a stronger future for child care and early learning.

Click here to download the Conference Program

Join sector professionals, leading experts, academics and engaged colleagues in an exciting mix of conference sessions that will explore the ways in which we celebrate and leverage change and how innovation can support quality practice and positive outcomes for the sector and more importantly, for children, families and communities.

Not Just Technology


It’s Not Just Technology.
iPad FDSee

We could talk about software, clouds, mobile, but like you we didn’t want jargon. We wanted a solution. So here are the facts;

If you run a Family Day Care Service, FDSee will;

  • Save you money,
  • Give you more time,
  • Save things for later,
  • Remind you what you need to do, and,
  • Tell you where staff and resources are.

In essence, FDSee is going to give you the window you need to see the whole of your Service in one place, in real time.

It is Family Day Care coordinated!


FDSee Beginnings


What does Family Day Care need?Think for a moment

Think for a moment. We did.

FDSee was developed from the ground up specifically for Australian Family Day Care services. It is not a re-purposed long day care or generic system, it is dedicated and completely tailored to Family Day Care.

The team behind FDSee has over 30 years collective experience in Family Day Care, plus extensive experience in development of software and application development, in Australia and internationally.